For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver.”- Martin Luther

Hooray! After the successful release of the Field Guidebook on Native Trees in Quirino Forest Landscape authored by Dr. Elizabeth T. Carig, QSU is proud to present to the public another book published: “Trees: Showcasing Diversity in a University (Vol 1)” which contains 50 unique tree species, both native and exotic, found in the vicinity of the University.

The goal of this book is to expand on current tree records and information while also highlighting tree variety inside the University. Furthermore, because the book includes important tree information such as morphological features, as well as the flowering and fruiting stages of each species, BSF students will find it extremely helpful in developing their tree identification skills.

The tree information also includes timber categorization, ecological classification, conservation status, uses, and propagation procedures. The high-resolution photos in the book also offer readers with a clear visual depiction of each species. It all started with the idea of compiling silvical knowledge on specific species into a reference book for BS Forestry students and people working in related industries.

Collecting images, keeping track of the species’ blooming and fruiting cycles, and researching crucial facts about the various tree species contained in this book took a significant amount of time and work. Despite the time-consuming and arduous effort, the authors hope that by making the book available in print and online, students and, eventually, the community would see the provisional value and critical function of trees in maintaining the ecosystem’s equilibrium. Most importantly, students will be able to assist to the long-term protection and management of this vital resource.