1University Personnel

With the faculty development opportunities that are enjoyed by the university personnel, the faculty profile is improved. The data are as follows:

Appointment Status of Faculty and Staff

Category of Appointment


Regular Casual Contract-of-Service
Faculty 180 0 124 304
Staff 82 1 65 148
Total 262 1 189 452



Figure 1 depicts the percentage of faculty profile as to status of appointment from which of the 304 faculty members 59% are on permanent status and 41% on contract of service. In like manner as to staff status, figure 2 shows that of the 148 staff members, 55% are permanent, 44% are on contract of service and 1% is casual.


Status of Educational Attainment and Academic Rank of Faculty

The table shown below is the educational attainment and academic rank of faculty of the University. It is notable that most faculty had finished advanced education with 66.67% master degree holders and 16.67% graduates of doctorate degrees. The Baccalaureate Degree Holders (16.67%) which is equal to the number of doctorate degree holders are mostly pursuing their masters and a good number of them are enjoying scholarship grants from various agencies. It is also noted that upgrading of the status of faculty is still on its advancement since 54.44% are still on instructor level of academic rank. About 25% and 17.22% are assistant professors and associate professors respectively. There are six professors represented in 3.33% from the total of 180 regular permanent faculty of the university. Figure 3 also represents the percentage profile of permanent faculty as to educational attainment. In like manner, Figure 4 reflects their academic rank.


Educational Attainment of Permanent Faculty

Educational Attainment Total Percentage
Doctorate Degree Holders 30 16.67
Master Degree Holders 120 66.67
Baccalaureate Degree Holders 30 16.67
TOTAL 180 100.00


Academic Rank of Permanent Faculty

Academic Rank Total Percentage
Professor 6 3.33
Associate Professor 31 17.22
Assistant Professor 45 25.00
Instructor 98 54.44
TOTAL 180 100.00