QSU Key Officials &  Contact Information

Name: Dr. Hermenegildo F. Samoy, Jr.
Position: SUC President II
Email: [email protected]
Contact No: 0906-348-5258

Name: Dr. Elizabeth T. Carig
Position: Vice President for Academic Research and Extension
Contact No: 0917-542-1579

Name: Dr. Cherry P. Collado
Position: Vice President for Administration and Finance
Contact No: 0906-348-4912

Name: Dr. Narcisa S. Aganon
Position: Campus Administrator, Maddela Campus
Contact No: 0916-429-5954

Name: Mr. Baltazar G. Damance
Position: Campus Administrator, Cabarroguis Campus
Contact No: 0906-348-5200

Name: Dr. Romiro G. Bautista
Position: International Relation Officer
Contact No: 0917-127-1304

Name: Dr. Rosalyn L. Delizo
Position: Director for Instruction
Contact No: 0900-123-0000

Name: Dr. Lauro S. Aspiras
Position: University Research Director
Contact No: 0906-348-5160

Name: Ms. Maria Elena D. Dupa
Position: Board Secretary V
Contact No: 0998-982-2400

Name: Dr. Fredisminda M. Dolojan
Position: Director for Extension and Training Services
Contact No: 0917-635-2478

Name: Ms. Mydee O. Gervacio
Position: Quality Assurance Director for Program Accreditation
Contact No: 0906-000-0003

Name: Dr. Florigold V. Saldaen
Position: Quality Assurance Director for ISO
Contact No: 0927-579-3576

Name: Dr. Jenalyn M. Sarmiento
Position: Director for Student Affairs and Services
Contact No: 0936-057-8222

Name: Engr. Richard P. Pablo
Position: Director for Physical Plant and Machinery Services
Contact No: 0926-395-9865

Name: Dr. Jay-R R. Duldulao
Position: MIS Chief
Contact No: 0966-877-7330

Name: Mr. Ray John M. Ramos
Position: Program Chair, BSIT
Contact No: 0926-687-8643

Name: Dr. Jonathan N. Tariga
Position: Program Chair, BSHM
Contact No: 0906-348-5315

Name: Dr. Arlyn J. Yra
Position: Program Chair, BSND
Contact No: 0906-348-4957

Name: Mrs. Elizabeth T. Ancheta
Position: Program Chair, Allied Health Sciences
Contact No: 0975-441-1949

Name: Dr. Agaton P. Pattalitan
Position: Dean CTE
Contact No: 0917-598-3226

Name: Mr. Romeo B. Nanglihan, Jr.
Position: Program Chair, BSC
Contact No: 0936-839-5050

Name: Dr. Edgar V. Benabise
Position: Program Chair, BSF
Contact No: 0956-096-4004

Name: Engr. Israel M. Eraña
Position: Program Chair, BSABE
Contact No: 0916-652-2521

Name: Ms. Mary Glo M. Bonilla
Position: Program Chair, BTLED
Contact No: 0906-348-4956

Name: Dr. Ysmael R. Draman
Position: Planning Officer
Contact No: 0917-317-0142

Name: Mrs. Padma R. Bunao
Position: Registrar III
Contact No: 0915-250-3244

Name: Mrs. Ma. Rosa B. Domingo
Position: Cashier III
Contact No: 0955-842-5092

Name: Mrs. Melba L. Baldonato
Position: Libraian III
Contact No: 0926-159-5952

Name: Mrs. Remylien Corbe-Songco
Position: Nurse III
Contact No: 0917-895-8003

Name: Dr. Mayjulet Ramos
Position: Dentist
Contact No: 0916-841-2345