Graduating students of the Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics (BSND) program presented their case studies on May 7, 2024 featuring various dietary plans for patients with peculiar medical conditions.

The presenters outlined their work, incorporating data observed and gathered during their internship program. Each presenter also addressed inquiries in a lively 20-minute question and answer session.

Leading the team of panelists from the Southern Isabela Medical Center’s (SIMC)- Allied and Health Professional Serviceย  was Dr. Ma. Theresa D. Dalmacio, RPH, MD, CFP, FPMSMG. Joining her were Ms. Leigh Hyline L. Lopez, RND, MSPH, FSCO and Ms. Emelie G. Gazzingan, RND, Dr. Arlyn J. Yra (Chairperson of BSND program), and Ms. Nobelyn V. Agapito (Student Council Advisor).

Prior to the presentations, the guest panelists from SIMC paid a courtesy call to the Office of the Vice President for Academic, Research, and Extension, Dr. Elizabeth T. Carig. Dr. Dalmacio praised QSU and its facilities, highlighting the university’s distinction as one of the few state colleges in the region offering a BSND program.

Notably, several members of Dr. Dalmacio’s team โ€“ Mr. Eric Sagaysay, Mr. Marvick G. Gallo, and Mr. Leo Lumitap โ€“ were former graduates of QSU’s BSND program and are now successful Registered Nutritionist and Dieticians at SIMC. Impressed by their work ethic and skills, Dr. Dalmacio commended QSU’s commitment to developing skilled professionals in the allied health sciences, particularly in the field of nutrition and dietetics.

The event concluded on a positive note, with both students and mentors expressing their gratitude and exchanging words of encouragement.

QIO with President Hermenegildo F. Samoy, Jr., PhD