As part of its function to support the development of the province, Quiriño State University (QSU) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Diffun Central School-Integrated SPED Center (DCS-ISC) on March 18,2024 to collaborate on initiatives supporting the Department of Education’s (DepEd) Reading Program.

       The MOA involves QSU’s Bachelor of Elementary Education and Graduate School Programs, the Extension Training Service Office, and DCS-ISC. The collaboration aims to bridge the learning gap among students through DepEd’s Reading Program. As stipulated in the agreement, QSU will provide assistance by sharing expertise, resources, such as books, and designating student teachers to facilitate reading sessions. DCS-ISC is expected to collaborate within the agreement’s boundaries to ensure the partnership’s success.

    University President Dr. Hermenegildo F. Samoy, Jr., Vice President -ARE, Dr. Elizabeth T. Carig, University Director for Instruction Dr. Rosalyn Delizo, and the College of Teacher Education (CTE) represented QSU. DCS-ISC was led by School Principal Ms. Estelita T. Tindaan with the support of Dr. Mely M. Rubi, Public Schools District Supervisor . Both parties hope this venture fosters the academic and professional development of DCS-ISC teachers and stakeholders.