Educators from Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU-Philippines) and Adamas University (AU-India) shared insights on making mathematics engaging and effective during the 5th week of the international lecture series held on April 19. The forum, facilitated by MMSU, featured Dr. Edrian D. Saraos and Dr. Himansu Sekhar Guha as speakers.

The first lecturer, Dr. Saraos, challenged the notion of a single “best formula” for teaching math. He proposed a multi-faceted approach that empowers teachers to facilitate student learning, growth, and development. This includes incorporating multimedia, games, and manipulatives to make math more  interesting, enjoyable, and motivating.

Moreover, Dr. Guha explored strategies used in the Indian context, highlighting similarities with the Philippines in terms of teacher innovation and talent. He introduced the micro-teaching method, where shorter lessons are delivered to smaller groups. This method targets three key stages of learning: knowledge acquisition, skill development, and skill application. He added that in India, several math organizations have been established to support and enhance the learning experiences of students in mathematics.

Hosted by MMSU, the lecture commenced with a message from Dr. Prima Fey R. Franco,  Vice President for Academic Affairs, who said, “Internationalization broadens horizon, enhances academic quality, promotes inclusivity, contributes to economic growth and global competitiveness, and prepares students for a global job market.” Prof. Jeanette Dials marked the closing of the forum with gratitude for the active participation of everyone.

The session was conducted via zoom and live streamed on QSU ‘s official FB page.| QIO with President Hermenegildo F. Samoy, Jr., PhD.