In the recent 2024 Association of State Colleges and Universities-Solid North (ASCU-SN) Midyear Sports and Socio-Cultural Festival held on July 1 to 5 at ISU Echague Campus, QSU capped off with least 22 medals in various games.

Earning the moniker “Few but Mighty,” the QSU delegation, comprised of 145 teaching and non-teaching personnel, displayed superb skills. The team dominated in several sporting events, securing victories in the following categories:

π†πŽπ‹πƒ πŒπ„πƒπ€π‹π’:


Individual Event: Edralyn Galamay

Group Event: Edralyn Galamay and Geraldine Fernando


6 KM Run: Ricky Puon

4×100 Meter Relay (Men) : Jimmy Matias, Aaron Alipio, Sonny Flores, Rolando Gonzales

Chess (Women) – Mary Joy Roldan, Jennifer Serrano, Millenia Ria Garcia, & Daisy Andres

Chess (Women, Board 2) – Millenia Ria Garcia

π’πˆπ‹π•π„π‘ πŒπ„πƒπ€π‹π’:


100 Meter Run: Jimmy Matias

Fun Run: Jimmy MatiasΒ 

Shotput: Leonardo Vargas

Table Tennis (Women’s Doubles): Jezrelle Dela Cruz and Joselle Concepcion

Badminton (Singles B, Men): Rogie Fulgencio

Badminton (Singles B, Men): Bernard Baui

ππ‘πŽππ™π„ πŒπ„πƒπ€π‹π’:

Badminton (Singles, Men) : Justin Padua

Badminton (Singles, Men) : Reynaldo Velasco

Badminton (Singles, Women) : Janelle Krizza Manuel

4×100 Meter Relay (Women) : Rowena Cabacungan, Lorraine Dotimas, Norilyn Ojadas, & Jovita Ramelo

Led by Dr. Hermenegildo F. Samoy, Jr., University President, the athletes were accompanied by the delegation heads- Mr. Ariel A. Lagunilla, Mr. Jaymark P. Villamayor, and Mr. Manuel De Guzman.

While the official medal tally awaits finalization from the ASCU-SN working committee, QSU welcomed the homecoming of the delegation with cheerful greetings. The ASCU-SN Midyear Festival is an annual activity that fosters a healthy balance between work and personal life. It goes beyond competition, promoting camaraderie, collaboration, and connection among participants from various institutions.

The University extends its heartfelt appreciation to all personnel from the Maddela, Diffun, and Cabarroguis campuses who proudly represented QSU at the competition. I QIO