This year there are ninety-two (92) researches that have been completed from the three different campuses despite the occurrence of CoVid-19 pandemic; majority of which were institutionally funded. Some of the completed researches were externally funded. Details of which are presented on the following:

List of Completed Researches

Title Researcher/s
1.    Capacitating Farmers on Integrated Pest Management and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Rural Development Fredisminda M. Dolojan, Elizabeth T. Carig, Rey C. Naval, Minajoy B. Wigan, Jra. Blessie Ann B. Ngabit, Benjamin S. Julian, II., Myleene U. Vagay
2.    Nutrient Management of Casava (Manihot esculenta) Production using Different Levels of QSU-Maddela Vermicompost Dr. Narcisa S. Aganon
3.    Efficacy of Different Rates of Vermitea as Foliar Fertilizer on the Growth and Yield of Baguio Beans (Sagana Variety) Dr. Narcisa S. Aganon
4.    Comparative Study of the Different Levels of Natural Inputs on the Growth and Yield of Eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) Dr. Narcisa S. Aganon
5.    Influence of QSU-Maddela Vermicompost and Plant Extract at Various Rates on the Growth of Pepper (Capsicum anuum L.) Dr. Narcisa S. Aganon
6.    Corn Production Systems in Cagayan Valley for Food Security and Rural Development Fredisminda M. Dolojan, Elizabeth T. Carig, Rey C. Naval, Lahaina Sue C. Azarcon, Arlyn J. Yra, Mylavi B. Hernando, German P. Umhaw, Jr.
7.    Ethnocentrism Attitudes Among CTE Students in a State University: Towards Enhanced Developmental Activities in Intercultural Education Lesson Liriolyn B. Pacursa
8.    Social Media Exposure Vis-À-Vis Use of Cyber Slang and Academic Writing Conventions of Freshmen Students in a State University Liriolyn B. Pacursa
9.    Fish longganisa: A Comparative Analysis Ma. Chanda C. Dangkeo
10. Acceptability and Profitability of Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas L) in making Polvoron Ma. Luisa Cortez
11. Prevalent Gay Lingo Variety in a State University Analyn D. Almoite
12. Efficacy of Akapulco (Senna alata) Herbal Shampoo against Sarcoptic Mange Infestation in Gogs Carmela G. Blando
13. Efficacy of Nacedero (Trichantera gigantea) Leaf Meal on the Growth Performance of Broilers Lauren Moises C. Laῆo
14. Productivity of Asha Peanut (Arachis hypogea L.) Applied with Different Rates of Potassium Dianarose G. Lacaden
15. Investigating L2 Learners’ Preferences on metalinguistic Clues and Explicit Corrective Feedbacks in Spoken Grammar Ma. Theresa B. Valerio
16. Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) Performance of BSED Aprylle Maye M. Baloro, Agaton P. Pattalitan, Jr., Crisanta L. Baquiran
17. Antas ng Pag-unawa sa Pagbasa ng mga akdang pampanitikan ng mga mag-aaral ng Quirino State University: Batayan sa Pagbuo ng Plano ng mga Kasanayang Pang-unawa. Mishell Q. Jaramillo
18. Development and Acceptability of Cockscomb Pearl Mussel (Cristaria Plicata) Chicharon Mary Glo M. Bonilla
19. Learners’ Preferences and Teaching Strategies in Teaching Mathematics in The Modern World at Quirino State University – Diffun Campus Mary Joy Agnes B. Alunday
20. Assessment on the Growth and Rooting of Pongamia pinnata (L.) Pierre Cuttings as Influenced by Cutting Origin, Iba And Biogroe Treatments Edgar V. Benabise, Jonalyn Quinan, Joel G. Carig, Irene D. Dimmangna, Liwliwa F. Mamaoag, Paul B. Pablo
21. Tree Diversity and Timber Resources Assessment in Secondary Forests of Quirino Forest Landscape Project, Philippines Elizabeth T. Carig, Ryan P. Manuel, Joel G. Carig
22. Immunoreactivity of Filipino Colorectal Cancer Patients to Enterotoxigenic Bacteroides fragilis (ETBF) Ana Maria D. Cariño, Pia Marie Albano
23. Green House Gas Emissions from Dairy Animal Wastes: The Case of Quirino State University Dairy Project Nilo Padilla, Marie C. Hernandez, Rommel G. Peralta
24. Soil Properties: Oil Quality Indices in Corn Areas of Quirino Province Rosecelle O. Burbos


25. Quirino Sustainable Watershed Management Project Joel G. Carig, Elizabeth T. Carig, Anjomar P. Tuazon, Virgilio B. Pumacsao, Jesa Jane F. Sales
26. “Kabutehan sa mga Quirinians”: Mushroom Production Livelihood Project for Everyone Fredisminda M. Dolojan, Pammela S. Tobias, Benjamin S. Julian, II., Marjorie C. Opiano
27. Utilization of Saluyot (Corchorus olitorius) Leaves in Making Saluyot Flavored Cookies Mary Cris V. Nanglihan
28. Sensory Evaluation and Consumer Acceptability of Bamboo Shoot Tart Jonathan N. Tariga, John Paul S. De Vera, Mary Joy A. Roldan, Wilhelmina DC. Fernandez
29. Sensory Characteristics and Acceptability of Air Potato Products Ruby Lyn V. Gutierrez
30. Students’ Online Learning Readiness and Internet Connectivity: Bases for the Customization of QSU E-Aral Jay Francis P. Yra, Rodrigo H. Catillo, Jr., Romiro G. Bautista, Jamina G. Camayang, Arben Gibson G. Camayang
31. Student Affairs and Services Awareness and Satisfaction of QSU Students Mydee O. Gervacio, Jhanrol M. Pascual
32. Traversing the Path of Ps Students: A Basis for The Development of Students’ Attitude Inventory Questionnaire Nelson D. Guray
33. Technology Integration in Pre-Service Teacher Education: Process and Reflection Rosalyn L. Delizo, Annalene Grace E. Co
34. Modular Approach in Teaching: Embracing the Challenges of the New Normal Dyanika P. Nolasco, Romar B. Antonio, Myra T. Sagun, Leah Grace R. Baguilat, Nito B. Galanta
35. Investigating L2 Learners’ Preferences on Metalinguistic Clues and Explicit Corrective Feedbacks in Spoken Grammar Ma. Theresa B. Valerio
36. From Strugglers to Believers: The Influence of Model Drawing on The Attitude of Students in Problem Solving Nelson D. Guray
37. Understanding the Information System and Communication Network of Bt Corn Growers in Cagayan Valley Fredisminda M. Dolojan, Rey C. Naval, Elizabeth T. carig, Rosecelle O. Burbos, Lahaina Sue C. Azarcon, German P. Umhaw, Jr., Myleene U. Vagay, Edison Kurt M. Pacunla, Cecilia H. delos Trinos, Artemio Martin, Jr.,
38. Migration, Land Acquisition and Bundle of Rights: The Case of Selected Community-Based Forest Management Projects in Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines Elizabeth T. Carig
39. Hm? Pm Sent: Perks of Online Selling Amidst the Pandemic Dyanika P. Nolasco, Mary Joy E. Gumayagay, Lorelie B. Marquez, Danisse Mae P. Hernandez, Syrille Joyce R. Barayuga
40. Exploring the Use of Gay Lingo in Classroom Instruction Reynaldo B. Velasco
41. Changes in Food Consumption Habits of Consumers in The Philippines During the Covid-19 Pandemic Jonathan N. Tariga, Dyanika P. Nolasco, Syrille Joyce R. Barayuga
42. Young Kankanaeys’ Discernment on Their Traditional Wedding Rituals Ronie G. Guillermo, Leobert M. Dingle, Praelyn A. Rabang, Divina Gracia S Sabio, Aprylle Maye M. Baloro, Crisanta L Baquiran, Mary Glo M. Bonilla, Mary Joy Agnes B. Alunday
43. Examining the Interplay Between the Eating Behavior and Physical Activity of Senior Citizens During Thecovid-19 Lockdown Mary Rose C. Liwag, Denson M. Liday, Nobelyn V. Agapito
44. Basic Health Services Skills of Barangay Nutrition Scholars: Making Sense of their Awareness and Competencies Gerome B. Taguiam, Mydee O. Gervacio, Denson M. Liday
45. Parents Turned Tutors: The Inevitable of the New Normal Dakila Carlo E. Cua, Julius Caesar S. Vaquilar, Hermenegildo F. Samoy, Jr., Flordeliza C. Gecobe, Romiro G. Bautista, Jorge G. Saddul, Sr., Elenita B. Ugot, Felimendo M. Felipe, Arben Gibson G. Camayang
46. Impact of Lesson Study on Teachers’ Perceived Teaching Effectiveness Claudine Fay G. Tomas
47. Paperless Smart Classroom Attendance System Using Fingerprint Biometric with SMS through Rapid Application Development Tool Carldwight O. Ocumen, Jenefer P. Bermusa, Mary Jane R. Laranang, Edward B. Panganiban, Sandy E. Laranang
48. Students’ Grade Inquiry Kiosk Using Biometric Fingerprint Authentication with SMS Notification to Parents Edward B. Panganiban, Jenefer P. Bermusa, Mary Jane R. Laranang, Sandy E. Laranang
49. Struggles and Hopes of Literally Long-Termed Learners in English Sunshine Rambac,

Roselle M. Soriano, Pilipina D. Cagurangan, Christian N. Escario, Abiegail E. Ambonon, Chleo G. Pascual

50. Best Strategies Experiences of Grade Four Teachers Teaching Mother Tongue Felomina Pakiwon,

Roselle M. Soriano, Pilipina D. Cagurangan, Christian N. Escario, Abiegail E. Ambonon, Chleo G. Pascual

51. What is on Your Mind?: Confidence in Posting English Captions on Facebook Danica Morgado,

Roselle M. Soriano, Pilipina D. Cagurangan,  Christian N. Escario, Abiegail E. Ambonon, Chleo G. Pascual

52. Spoken Word Poetry: A Study on Yielded Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Communication Gains Virginia Baccay,

Roselle M. Soriano, Pilipina D. Cagurangan, Christian N. Escario Abiegail E. Ambonon, Chleo G. Pascual

53. Voice From Within: Students’ Experiences in Their English Oral Presentation Kevin Paul Costales,

Roselle M. Soriano, Pilipina D. Cagurangan, Christian N. Escario, Abiegail E. Ambonon, Chleo G. Pascual

54. A Tracer Study on the Employability of Bachelor of Arts- English Graduates A.Y. 2016-2018 Leizel Barroga,

Roselle M. Soriano, Pilipina D. Cagurangan,  Christian N. Escario, Abiegail E. Ambonon, Chleo G. Pascual

55. Duterte’s Digressions: A Critical Discourse Analysis of Duterte’s COVID-19 Press Briefings Naomi A. Hagi
56. Implications of Secondary Teachers’ Capacity Building Towards Mathematics Teaching Gideon D. Oray
57. Quirino and Isabela Rambulan: The Emergence of Online Trash-talk Groups During the Lockdown Naomi A. Hagi, Chloe Neziah B. Mandac


58. Understanding the Twists and Turns of Academic Leadership: Phenomenologizing Program Chairs’ Struggles as Managers in Higher Education Institutions Roselle Soriano
59. Sana All: The Psychological and Social Stability of Millennial
60. Tourism Industry in Quirino: Basis for a Propose Skills-Based Enhancement Program Carina D. Rustia
61. Heart Over Head: The Tale of an Emotionally Attached Rape Victim Chloe Neziah B. Mandac
62. Gender and Research: Extent of Implementation of Gender and Development (GAD) Activities for Research Emma Aspiras,  Princess Reinadel Alejandro, Naomi Hagi, Chloe Neziah Mandac, Lauro Aspiras
63. Pedagogical Threats and Opportunities of COVID-19: Lensing the Experiences of the New Teaching Workforce in the New Normal Lauro Aspiras
64. Phenomenologizing the Lived- Experiences of Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) John Vergil Cainguitan
65. The Acceptability of Atcharino (Banana Blossom Pickles) Kristine Delacruz, Rhodette Ivy Ancheta, Ariane Ramos, Faye Marie Apolonio
66. Development of Bukosiomai Myrna Fontanilla, Ariel Lagunilla
67. Sensory Evaluation of Tea-lapia Kristine Delacruz, Rhodette Ivy Ancheta, Ariane Ramos, Faye Marie Apolonio
68. Barangay Tanod Capacitation and Empowerment Training Jocelyn Dagdag
69. “Charta et Pincello”: A Basic Literacy and Communication Skills Project for Barangay Officials and Community People under the VOICE Program (Venturing of Information for Communication’s Effectiveness of the Community) Chleo Pascual
70. A Livelihood Skills Training for the RIC Members of Barangay Calaocan, Cabarroguis, Quirino Ariane Ramos
71. EDUC CIRCLE (EDUCator’s CIRcle on Community Linkage an Empowerment) Evelyn Casareno
72. 3D: Draft, Design, Develop Orlando Davin Jr.
73. Semege Penmadu: A CITCS Extension Program Melidiossa V. Pagudpud
74. Efficient and Effective Review for the Enhancement of Knowledge and Skills for the Examinees’ Eligibility Pilipina Cagurangan
75. Spelling App for Kids Janess Shaira Mangusin
76. Development of the Coffee Leaf Rust Severity Classifier Mobile Application Using the MobileNetV2 Image Processing Result Melidiossa V. Pagudpud
77. Public Sentiments in Cagayan Valley amidst the COVID19 Pandemic: Topic Modeling Using the Latent Dirichlet Allocation (LDA) Approach Melidiossa V. Pagudpud
78. Design and Development of a Web-Based Project Procurement Management Plan System Benjielyn Bautista
79. Writing Performance and Language Anxiety Among the Students of Quirino State University, Cabarroguis, Campus Jennifer B. Opido
80. Teachers’ Modes of Resource Preferences in the Creation of Modules Marilou Otinguey


81. Cognitive and Metacognitive Learning Strategies in Science: Bases in Crafting a Developmental Plan for the Improvement of Hands-On Science among Education Students Leslie A. Gomez
82. Mga Katangiang Dapat Taglayin ng Isang Modyul sa Sariling Pagkatuto: Isang Natatanging Pananaw ng Mag-aaral Lovely M. Dulatre
83. Assessing Reading Comprehension, Experienced Difficulties and Applied Strategies Christian Escario
84. Sophomore Students’ Perceptions of Teaching Methods Abegail Ambonon
85. The Challenges and Coping Mechanisms of Faculty Members in Module Writing Roselle Soriano
86. Flexible Learning Preferences of Students: Basis for Mode of Teaching Delivery Benjielyn Bautista
87. Writing of a Course Module: An Introspection Study Eleanor Macapal
88. Embracing the Role of Learning Facilitator Under the New Normal Miriam Reniedo
89. Light Efficiency and Electric Energy Conservation of Quirino State University – Cabarroguis Campus Sanglay, M., Capinding, E.Jr., Baniqued, W.
90. Phytochemical analysis and acceptability of Horse shoe berry (A. elliptica) as fruit juice Baniqued, Wilfredo B.
91. Plastic combined with Coconut (Cocus nucifera) Shell as Tiles Baniqued, Wilfredo B., Saura, Rhoane Angel B., Doncillo, John Byron D. Sanglay, Marvin Ray G., Capinding, Ernesto Jr. F.
92. Pumpkin seed (Cucurbita Moschata Duchesne) Extract as an Anti-Corrosion Agent Baniqued, Wilfredo B. Davin, Orlando Jr., D. Doncillo, John Byron D. Saura, Rhoane Angel, B. Sanglay, Marvin Ray, G. Capinding, Ernesto Jr., F.