The total number of the faculty engaged in research this year have decreased compared to last year which consists of 343 faculty researchers but it didn’t hinder the researchers in researching.

Roughly 76%, 55% and 52% of faculty members in the campuses of Diffun, Cabarroguis and Maddela respectively are indulged in research. This composes 66.32% of the total population of faculty in the university.

 Number of Faculty with On-going Research Activities

Campus Total Number of Faculty with Plantilla Position Total Number of Faculty with Research Activity
Diffun 111 84
Cabarroguis 62 34
Maddela 23 12
TOTAL 196 130

Faculty Involvement in Research



There are 36 research projects/studies that are still carried out in which majority of it were funded by Quirino State University and some of it were funded by the local agencies like DOST-GIA, DA-BAR, DOT, and PLGU.

On-going Research Projects/Studies

Title Researcher Description/Objective Funding Agency
1.   Development of paving bricks using residual waste materials generated in the Quirino State University, Diffun, Quirino Israel M. Eraña, Paul B. Pablo The main objective of this project is to utilize to residual waste generated in Quirino State University.

Specifically, the project has the following objectives:

1.    To develop a small-scale processing facility for cleaning, resizing and melting, molding etc.

To develop and identify durable paving bricks using different mixture of residual wastes materials.




2.   Research and Development on Bamboo Shoot Products for Technology Transfer and Commercialization Jonathan N. Tariga The general objective of this project is to develop and transfer technologies on various bamboo shoot products.

Specifically, it aims to:

1.    Develop and assess the acceptability of various bamboo shoot products to include: sweet bamboo shoot roll, bamboo shoot tart, bamboo shoot Kimchi and Pan De Rabong: and

Promote value-added edible bamboo shoot products for adoption and commercialization.



3.   Nutritional Content Analysis and Product Development of Air Potato for Cultivation and Consumption Ruby V. Gutierrez 1.    Identification of areas with air potato and interview of farmers.

2.    Laboratory analyses of raw materials

3.    Product development

4.    Application for utility models

5.   Development of Propagation Protocols for Native Forest and Fruit-Bearing Trees of Quirino and Adjacent Province Edgar V. Benabise, Elizabeth T. Carig, Joel G. Carig, Jonalyn J. Quinan, Liwliwa F. Mamaoag, Irene D. Dimmangna and Rodolfo E. Luis The overall objective of this study is to develop macro-clonal propagation protocol for native forest trees and native fruit- bearing trees using stem cuttings and assess their early growth performance in the field. Specific objectives are as follows:

1.    To determine the best cutting origin that will significantly increase the survival and rooting of at least 15 native forest and fruit-bearing tree stem cuttings;

2.    To determine the most effective and economical level of Indole Butyric Acid (IBA) concentration on the survival and rooting of at least 15 stem cuttings;

3.    To assess early field growth performance of stem cuttings; and

4.    To establish and maintain at least 2 hectares clonal plantation

6.    Support to Mushroom Production in the Province of Quirino Fredisminda M. Dolojan, Aimee Carol Tangonan, Loida Basug

Pammela S. Tobias, Benjie S. Julian, III.

Sustained food production amidst COVID-19 threat through the expanded mushroom production. Specifically, it aims to:

1.    To efficiently produce mushroom fruiting bags and Volvariella spawn in partnership with DA-Quirino Experiment Station and 1 Cooperative in the province;

2.    To accelerate oyster mushroom fruiting bags and volvariella spawn production and ensure adoption of quality mushroom produced;

3.    To enhance capacities and awareness in mushroom fruiting bags and spawn production with good mushroom production practices; and

To develop transitional strategies to sustain continuous supply of mushroom fruiting bags and spawn in the province

7.    Upgrading of Tissue Culture Facility Towards Efficient Production of High Value Crops Elizabeth T. Carig, Elizabeth R. Oppuer The general objective of this project is to upgrade the Tissue Culture Facility towards Efficient Production of High Value Crops. DA-BAR/QSU
8.    Commercialization of QSU-Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer in Support to Organic Rice, Coffee and Vegetables in Quirino Province Dr. Narcisa S. Aganon General: To promote adoption and commercialization of the generated POT Vermicompost Organic Fertilizer in order to support and sustain rice, vegetable and coffee production in Quirino.

Specifically, this project aims to:

1.  Transfer the developed technology by QSU to partner producer cooperatives;

2.  Upscale the production of quality vermicompost in support to organic rice, vegetables and coffee growers; and

Capacitate the farmers on the production, marketing, and management of organic fertilizer production enterprise;

9.    Technology Utilization and Commercialization of Tissue-Cultured Banana in Quirino Province Elizabeth T. Carig, Joel G. Carig, Rommel G. Peralta, Elizabeth R. Oppuer, Anjo Mar P. Tuazon, Jesa Jane F. Sales, Romelyn S. Solis, Henrey R. Ignacio, Bladimer Ali Annuar T. Lacaden The general objectives of this project is the promotion and utilization of tissue-cultured banana o increase the income of banana farmers in the province of Quirino. Specifically, it aims to:

1.    Produce and commercialize banana tissue-cultured banana in partnership with two POs/associations;

2.    Promote the utilization of tissue-cultured banana through the establishment and maintenance demonstration farms;

3.    Conduct market study and establish market linkage with different organizations within and outside the province;

4.    Conduct research activities on various stages of tissue culture banana production and cultivation; and

Develop, produce and distribute manual on TCP production, other IEC materials on TCP production and management and documentation of best practices on tissue culture banana production and cultivation.

10. Support to Mass Production of Vermicast/Vermicompost in the Province of Quirino Elizabeth T. Carig, Joel G. Carig, Rosecelle O. Burbos, Sarah Marie L. Dingoasen, Mark O. Palaje, Leigh Karl P. Chinyuna, Jordan B. Hermoso Sustained food production amid COVID-19 threat through the promotion and utilization of vermicompost/vermicast. Specifically, it aims to:

1.    Institutionalize collaborative partnership;

2.    Utilize mass propagation technology of vermicast/vermicompost for the efficient production high-value crops/indigenous vegetables in the province of Quirino especially those involve in the DA’s Ahon Lahat, Pagkaing Sapat (ALPAS) Laban sa Covid-19 program;

3.    Build the capacities and awareness of local farmers on the use of vermicast/vermicompost as an important factor in nursery management and crop production;

4.    Conduct research and development on substrate from available raw materials; and

Develop transitional strategies to sustain continuous production of vermicast/vermicompost.

11.   Upscaling the Promotion and Commercialization of Soya Products in Quirino Province Fredisminda M. Dolojan, Isabel F. Salvador, German P. Umhaw, Jr., Myleene U. Vagay, Edison Kurt M. Pacunla Generally, this project aims to upscale the promotion and commercialization of soya products particularly butterscotch, Pan de Soya and Soya Nuggets and Insta Ulam. Specifically, it aims to:

1.    Identify ready source of soya beans as raw materials for the processing of soya products;

2.    Build capacity of potential adopters of this soya products;

3.    Commercialize the different soya products in collaboration with cooperatives and interested organizations within the province; and

Promote these soya-based foods to the feeding programs of DepEd and introduce as food during emergencies/disaster.

12. Support to the Utilization and Commercialization of Tissue Cultured Banana in Quirino Province Elizabeth T. Carig, Joel G. Carig, Rommel G. Peralta, Elizabeth R. Oppuer, Jesa Jane Sales The overall objective of the project is to provide additional support facility to the partner POs in the commercialization of tissue-cultured banana in the province.

The support facilities include the construction of Double Purpose Working are/Training Area; water system; supplies and materials needed in the operation of the TCB grow-out nursery and production process.

13. Enhancing Tissue Culture and Macro-propagation of Saba: Cagayan Valley’s Planting Material Support System for Banana Fredisminda M. Dolojan, Elizabeth R. Oppuer, Myleene U. Vagay, Crisologo Del Rosario The production of Saba plantlets for smallhold banana farmers in Region II through tissue culture and macro-propagation technologies. DA-BAR/NVSU
14. Beat the Cheat: Teachers’ Intervention on Students’ Academic Dishonesty Lauro S. Aspiras

Aaron V. Alipio

This paper aims to explore the interventions made by the faculty members on academic dishonesty of students QSU
15. Motorismo: Its Perceived Challenges and Opportunities Carina D. Rustia, Kristine A. Dela Cruz, Rhodette Ivy A. Viloria, Faye Marie A. Sacalamitao, Ariane D. Ramos, Rowel C. Surbida This study aims to explore the opportunities brought by the Motorismo Festival specifically to Business Tourism Sector


16. Consumers’ Food Preference During the Motorismo 2019 Emma D. Aspiras, Carina D. Rustia

Rhodette Ivy A. Viloria, Kristine A. Dela Cruz, Arianne D. Ramos, Faye A. Sacalamitao, Rowel C. Surbida

The study aims to determine the food preference of participants during the 2019 Quirino Motorismo Festival. QSU/DOT/PLGU
17. Meeting the Challenges of Zero Waste Quirino Motorismo Eleanor C. Macapal, Miriam C. Reniedo, Evelyn C. Casareno, Ina Mae H. Natividad, Aaron V. Alipio, Rafael C. Gutierrez This study aims to determine the challenges met by the advocates/proponents of the program, spectators (tourists and non-tourists) in the implementation of zero waste management and to cover the actions undertaken by the spectators to meet the measures implemented by the organizers of the Motorismo event. QSU/DOT/PLGU
18. Awareness on the Implementation of the Zero Waste Program During Motorismo Festival Benjielyn B. Bautista, Wilyn S. Marzo, Susang G. Nanglihan, Reynold A Rustia, Lorraine G. Dotimas, Janesse Mangusin, Rodolfo Farinas This study aims to assess the implementation of the Zero Waste project of the provincial government during the Motorismo through gauging the awareness of the spectators, participants, and implementers. QSU/ DOT/ PLGU
19. Technical Education and Skills Development Authority ‘s Training for Work Scholarship Program on Agriculture-Fishery Programs in Quirino Province (TESDA-TWSP): An Assessment Ruby Lyn V. Gutierrez


Profile Determination of the Grantees;

Interview grantees on the effect of finishing the training to their employability and productivity;

20. Lichens in Quirino State University: A Survey Ruby Lyn V. Gutierrez,

Tangonan, Aimee Carol R.

To identify lichens in Quirino State University campuses


21. Phytochemical and Cytoxicity Screening of Ornamental Betelnut (adonida merrilli): a preliminary study for food production Gutierrez, Ruby Lyn V.

Editha C. Cailin,

Ernesto I. Cailin, MS

Mary Ann Dela Cruz

Isabel F. Salvador

Study 2

Food Processing for Food Production


22. Nutritional Content, Secondary Metabolites and Cytotoxicity of Adonida merilli (Bua China) Ruby Lyn V. Gutierrez Description of the characteristics of bua china based on its chemical components QSU
23. Waste Management Practices in QSU Ruby Lyn V. Gutierrez Assessment of waste management practices in QSU QSU
24. Weedibles and Weedicinals in QSU Ruby Lyn V. Gutierrez Produce compendium of weedibles and weedicinals in QSU QSU
25. Locked Up: A Peek in the Lives of Women Inmates of Quirino Lahaina Sue C. Azarcon The main purpose of this study to share and surface the lived experiences of women inmates of Quirino province.

The objective of this study is to give voice to the experiences of women inmates through the conduct of in-depth interviews and narrative explorations of their lived experiences. This will predominantly explore experiences about their personal struggles, family situations, health issues, life inside the cell and rehabilitation programs provided by the BJMP Quirino.

26. Life after Graduation: Tracer Study of BS Criminology                                             Alumni


Lahaina Sue C. Azarcon

Melanie P. Lupog

Amelia B. Pascua

Nito B. Galanta

Darwyn B. Estillore

The general objective of this tracer study is to gather relevant information as to the employability of the graduates in the QSU College of Public Safety graduate from School Year 2013 to 2018.

Specifically, this tracer study aims to:

1.   describe the graduates in terms of age, civil status sex, age, ethnicity and residence and year graduated eligibility;

2.   determine the graduates’ professional skills, professional examinations passed, and reasons for taking the course;

3.   determine the trainings and advance studies attended by the graduates after finishing college;

determine the employment status and classification of the agencies where they are employed

27. Best Practices, Challenges, and Coping Mechanism of Teachers and Learners in the Distance Education Scheme Christian N. Escario
28. Characteristics of Virtual Classrooms among Courses at QSU Cabarroguis Christian N. Escario
29. Blessings in Disguise: Reflections and Realizations amidst COVID-19 Enhanced Community Quarantine Christian N. Escario
30. Effectiveness of Learning Styles and Academic Achievements among Freshmen Students in Mathematics in the Modern World Subject Mary Joy Agnes B. Alunday, Roselyn Valdez (Student), Jeanette Gattoc



1.    To find the types of learning style prevalent among the freshmen students (Auditory, Visual and Kinesthetic) towards their Academic Achievement in Mathematics in the Modern World;

2.    To study the relationship between learning styles and academic achievement of freshmen students in Mathematics in the Modern World; and

To compare the effect of different learning styles on the academic achievement of freshmen students in Mathematics in the Modern World.

31. Modularisasyon sa Pagbasa: Isang Pagtatasa sa Birtud ng Nilalaman Jeferlyn Agbayani
32. Profile, Status and Prospects of Quirino One Town One Product Myrna G. Fontanilla This study aims to assess the economic impact of the OTOP program along the following areas:

1.    Economic, social, technical, environmental and financial development. It also aims to assess the extent of OTOP program to the enterprise.

33. Operations Management and Profitability of Cooperative in the Province of Quirino Reagan P. Buyucan This study aims to assess the operations management and financial performance of cooperatives in the province of Quirino. Self-financed
34. COVID-19 Pandemic: The Global Scandal Unleashed Lauro S. Aspiras, Emma D. Aspiras, Melidiossa V. Pagudpud This study aims to explore the experiences of the COVID19 Survivors using secondary data particularly interviews and videos uploaded in the social media and YouTube. N/A
35. Beat the Cheat: Teachers’ Intervention on Students’ Academic Dishonesty Lauro S. Aspiras,

Aaron V. Alipio

The general objective of the paper is to describe the mechanism used by the faculty members in beating students’ academic dishonesty.
36. Effects of Zeolite on Vermicomposting Employing African Night Crawler Dr. Narcisa S. Aganon The general objective of the study is to evaluate the effects of zeolite in vermicomposting. Specifically, it sought to achieve the following objectives:

a.    To determine the number of days of decomposition per treatment;

b.    To evaluate the nutrient contents of the output per treatment

c.    To assess the number of kilograms of African Night Crawler (ANC) or vermiworms after harvesting.

To determine the cost and return analysis.