Quirino State University through the University Research and Development Office participated in the recently concluded 32nd CVAARRD Regional Symposium with the theme “Bridging R&D/E Gaps and Creating Seamless Communication among S&T Innovators and Stakeholders through Digitization and Continuing Innovations for Enhanced AANR Productivity” which was held on November 9 – 10 via Zoom Teleconferencing. This annual activity is one of the effective mechanisms for regional monitoring and evaluation of R&D/E outputs of Cagayan Valley Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (CVAARRD) members. This is also a fruitful opportunity for researchers and extensionists to disseminate emerging technologies to end-users and beneficiaries by keeping them abreast about the outputs that members have produced/created. Hence, collaboration among consortia members is intensified and further ignited through this undertaking.

This year, QSU sent five research teams to participate in the said activity whose outputs fall under technical and development research categories both in oral and poster presentations. To note, QSU through the Banana Resources Research and Development Center (BRRDC) bagged 2nd place from among 22 competitors in the region in the poster presentation in their research titled “Technology Promotion and Utilization of Tissue-Cultured Banana in Quirino Province” with 90.67% rating.

The entries of QSU in the said undertaking are those that won best papers in technical and development research categories during the University In-House Review, and these are as follows:


Technical Research Category

  1. Hardening Response of Tissue Culture Lakatan Plantlets under Nursery Condition as Affected by Levels of Radiation-Modified Kappa Carrageenan (Henrey R. Ignacio, Rommel G. Peralta, Elizabeth R. Oppuer, Romelyn S. Tugade, Anjomar P. Tuazon, Nigel Fernand T. Corpuz, Jesa Jane F. Sales, Blademir Lacaden, Elizabeth T. Carig, Jay Ar L. Dultiao)
  2. Growth and Yield Performance of Potted Eggplant (Solanum melongena) Applied with Vermicast and Organic Concoctions (Sarah Marie L. Dingaosen, Elizabeth T. Carig, Mark O. Palaje, Rosecelle O. Burbos, German P. Umhaw)
  3. Weedibles and Weedicinals in Selected Indigenous Communities in Quirino Province towards Production of Nutraceuticals and Pharmaceuticals (Ruby Lyn V. Gutierrez, Aimee Carol R. Tangonan)


Development Research Category

  1. Technology Promotion and Utilization of Tissue-Cultured Banana in Quirino Province (Elizabeth R. Oppuer, Elizabeth T. Carig, Rommel G. Peralta, Joel G. Carig, Romelyn S. Tugade, Henrey R. Ignacio, Anjomar R. Tuazon, Nigel Fernand T. Corpuz, Jesa Jane F. Sales)
  2. It’s Soya Season for a Reason (Fredisminda M. Dolojan, Isabel F. Salvador, Myleene U. Vagay, Edison Kurt M. Pacunla)
  3. Clonal Propagation of Native Trees: A Strategy towards Increasing Forest Cover in the Uplands (Joel G. Carig, Irene L. Dimangna, Liwliwa F. Mamaoag, Jonalyn J. Quinan, Rodolfo E. Luis, Elizabeth T. Carig)


Further, posters for research entries were designed creatively by Jay Ar L. Dultiao, Christian N. Escario, Edison Kurt M. Pacunla and Irene L. Dimangna.


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Dr. Rommel G. Peralta discusses the problems faced by the banana industry which pushed them to venture on TCB production. Dr. Elizabeth T. Carig explains the importance of promotion and utilization of tissue-cultured banana in increasing production and augmenting the income of banana farmers in the province.
Ms Sarah L. Dingaosen conquers her fear as she intelligently goes about the methodologies they used in their research on growth and yield performance of potted eggplant. Dr. Fredisminda M. Dolojan shows her wit as she sharply answers questions from technical reviewers