The University’s Extension Services and Community Engagement (ESCE) Department recently concluded a hands-on training session on Free-Range Chicken Production on June 28, 2024. With the aim of promoting sustainable and profitable farming practices, the event brought together farmers, poultry enthusiasts, and students, all registered through the ESCE Facebook page, for an engaging and informative experience.

Held at the Agriculture Department’s Audio Visual Room, the training featured a series of lectures delivered by esteemed experts in the field. Dr. Rommel G. Peralta delivered the first lecture on Practical Free-Range Chicken Farming. His lecture provided participants with essential knowledge and hands-on techniques for effective management of free-range chicken operations, emphasizing sustainable practices and maximizing productivity.

Followed by an insightful presentation on Fermented Organic Concoction as a Nutrient Supplement for Free-Range Chickens, Dr. Minajoy B. Wigan discussed the benefits of using organic supplements to enhance the nutritional intake and overall health of free-range chickens. Her lecture highlighted cost-effective and environmentally friendly methods.

Moreover, Dr. April Corazon G. Abon addressed a crucial aspect of poultry farming with her lecture on Poultry Pest and Disease Management. Participants learned about common pests and diseases affecting free-range chickens, along with practical strategies for prevention and control to ensure the health and productivity of their flocks.

Further, Ms. Juniora Blessie Ann N. Martinez provided valuable insights into Basic Bookkeeping and Linkage. Her session equipped participants with fundamental bookkeeping skills necessary for maintaining accurate financial records and establishing beneficial linkages with markets and suppliers.

Relevantly, Mr. Jay Ar L. Dultiao rounded out the training with a focus on Simple Record Keeping and Data Management. He emphasized the importance of maintaining detailed records to monitor flock performance, track expenses, and make informed management decisions.

The training session was an offshoot of the Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (DA-ACEF) funded Free-Range Chicken (FRC) project. Participants expressed gratitude for the practical knowledge and skills gained during the training.

The QSU ESCE Department continues to provide accessible and practical training opportunities to help empower farmers and poultry enthusiasts by adopting innovative and sustainable farming methods, ultimately contributing to the growth and resilience of the agricultural sector. I QIO with President Hermenegildo F. Samoy, Jr.PhD

Facilitators/Documenters: Ms. Monica B. Naval, Ms. Vanessa Jane P. Ramirez, Mr. Kurt Edison M. Pacunla, Mr. Dionie M. Necor, & Mr. Norman Jay E. Bulong Article: Dr. Ruby Lyn V. Gutierrez, Ms. Marjorie M. Calderon, & QIO