Faculty and staff from QSU Cabarroguis, Diffun, and Maddela marched alongside representatives from 21 other participating SUCs during the opening program of the 2024 Association of State Colleges and Universities-Solid North (ASCU-SN) Midyear Sports and Socio-Cultural Festival on July 2, 2024 at the ISU Echague Campus.

Extending his warm welcome to the delegates from Regions 1, 2, 3, and CAR, Dr. Ricmar P. Aquino, President of the host university, shared that the annual sports event is a historical gathering of friends aimed at fostering lasting relationships and enhanced collaboration. Dr. Aquino expressed his hope that the festival will inspire everyone to pursue excellence, embrace diversity, and promote the values of teamwork and respect.

Following the symbolic hoisting of banners, the participants joined a unity dance, with a splendid fireworks display that signaled the commencement of the festival.

The celebration continued at the Climate Change Building for the President’s Night. Adding merriment to the event, University President, Dr. Hermenegildo F. Samoy, Jr., took the stage and delivered a rendition of the song “I Write the Songs” for the audience.    I QIO