Logo and Symbols

The approved logo is a product of the logos of the three integrated institutions, (QSC, QPC, MIT).
The following are its symbolic descriptions:
    1. The LAUREL WREATH symbolizes QSU as a place for victory, success, and triumph for both the institution and the students;
    2. The STARS depict QSU as an institution that serves as a guide to people in achieving their dreams where the three stars and their colors represent each campus, (QSC-green, QPC-orange, MIT-blue);
    3. The SUN and its RAYS are signs that QSU gives special illumination to its characteristics as  it shines upon its symbolic self and makes it most visible to the world;
    4. The SHIELD portrays QSU committing itself to the service of the people towards achieving progress;
    5. The TORCH OF EDUCATION signifies enlightenment and hope;
    6. The VALLEY embodies the valley of Quirino Province;
    7. The RICE FIELDS and PONDS show the founding of the institution as it started as an agricultural school;
    8. The BOOK, and GEAR denote the adaptation of new field of studies and technological changes;
    9. Two historic years encrypted in the seal—1963 and 2012 which indicate the year when QSC was launched and the year when QSU bill was enacted into  law respectively;
    10. QUIRINO MAP is where the three campuses of QSU are situated.