Annual Report 2020

Logo and Symbols

The approved logo is a product of the logos of the three integrated institutions, (QSC, QPC, MIT).
The following are its symbolic descriptions:
    1. The LAUREL WREATH symbolizes QSU as a place for victory, success, and triumph for both the institution and the students;
    2. The STARS depict QSU as an institution that serves as a guide to people in achieving their dreams where the three stars and their colors represent each campus, (QSC-green, QPC-orange, MIT-blue);
    3. The SUN and its RAYS are signs that QSU gives special illumination to its characteristics as  it shines upon its symbolic self and makes it most visible to the world;
    4. The SHIELD portrays QSU committing itself to the service of the people towards achieving progress;
    5. The TORCH OF EDUCATION signifies enlightenment and hope;
    6. The VALLEY embodies the valley of Quirino Province;
    7. The RICE FIELDS and PONDS show the founding of the institution as it started as an agricultural school;
    8. The BOOK, and GEAR denote the adaptation of new field of studies and technological changes;
    9. Two historic years encrypted in the seal—1963 and 2012 which indicate the year when QSC was launched and the year when QSU bill was enacted into  law respectively;
    10. QUIRINO MAP is where the three campuses of QSU are situated.



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                RA 10230 Section 2. General Mandate – The University shall primarily provide advanced education, higher technological, professional and vocational instruction and training in the fields of arts and sciences, education, agriculture, industrial technology and engineering, information technology, business management and accountancy, tourism and hospitality management, health services, criminology, non-traditional courses and other relevant fields of study. it shall also undertake research, extension services and production activities in support of the development of the Province of Quirino and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.  READ MORE