Annual Report 2020

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QSU Key Officials &  Contact Information

Name: Dr. Hermenegildo F. Samoy, Jr.

Position: SUC President II

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact No: 0906-348-5258

Name: Dr. Elizabeth T. Carig

Position: Vice President for Academic Research and Extension

Contact No: 0917-542-1579

Name: Dr. Cherry P. Collado

Position: Vice President for Administration and Finance

Contact No: 0906-348-4912

Name: Dr. Narcisa S. Aganon

Position: Campus Administrator, Maddela Campus

Contact No: 0916-429-5954

Name: Mr. Baltazar G. Damance

Position: Campus Administrator, Cabarroguis Campus

Contact No: 0906-348-5200

Name: Dr. Romiro G. Bautista

Position: Director for Instruction

Contact No: 0917-127-1304

Name: Dr. Lauro S. Aspiras

Position: University Research Director

Contact No: 0906-348-5160

Name: Ms. Maria Elena D. Dupa

Position: Board Secretary V

Contact No: 0998-982-2400

Name: Mr. Ernesto I. Cailin

Position: Director for Auxiliary Services

Contact No: 0956-096-5021

Name: Dr. Fredisminda M. Dolojan

Position: Director for Extension and Training Services

Contact No: 0917-635-2478

Name: Mr. Ronie G. Guillermo

Position: Quality Assurance Director for Program Accreditation

Contact No: 0906-639-1083

Name: Dr. Florigold V. Saldaen

Position: Quality Assurance Director for ISO

Contact No: 0927-579-3576

Name: Dr. Jenalyn M. Sarmiento

Position: Director for Student Affairs and Services

Contact No: 0936-057-8222

Name: Engr. Richard P. Palo

Position: Director for Physical Plant and Machinery Services

Contact No: 0926-395-9865

Name: Dr. Jay-R R. Duldulao

Position: MIS Chief 

Contact No: 0926-865-4688

Name: Mr. Ray John M. Ramos

Position: Program Chair, BSIT

Contact No: 0926-687-8643

Name: Mr. Jonathan Tariga

Position: Program Chair, BSHM

Contact No: 0906-348-5315

Name: Dr. Arlyn J. Yra

Position: Program Chair, BSND

Contact No: 0906-348-4957

Name: Mrs. Elizabeth T. Ancheta

Position: Program Chair, Allied Health Sciences

Contact No: 0975-441-1949

Name: Dr. Ma. Theresa B. Valerio

Position: Dean, College of Teacher Education

Contact No: 0936-184-4976

Name: Dr. Agaton P. Pattalitan

Position: Program Chair, BSE

Contact No: 0917-598-3226

Name: Mr. Romeo B. Nanglihan, Jr.

Position: Program Chair, BSC

Contact No: 0936-839-5050

Name: Dr. Edgar V. Benabise

Position: Program Chair, BSF

Contact No: 0956-096-4004

Name: Engr. Israel M. Eraña

Position: Program Chair, BSABE

Contact No: 0916-652-2521

Name: Dr. Mina Joy B. Wigan

Position: Program Chair, BSA

Contact No: 0965-371-2513

Name: Ms. Mary Glo M. Bonilla

Position: Program Chair, BTLED

Contact No: 0906-348-4956

Name: Dr. Ysmael R. Draman

Position: Principal, Laboratory High School

Contact No: 0917-317-0142

Name: Mrs. Padma R. Bunao

Position: Registrar III

Contact No: 0915-250-3244

Name: Mrs. Ma. Rosa B. Domingo

Position: Cashier III

Contact No: 0955-842-5092

Name: Dr. Cherry P. Collado

Position: Budget Officer III

Contact No: 0956-553-5367

Name: Mrs. Melba L. Baldonato

Position: Libraian III

Contact No: 0926-159-5952

Name: Mrs. Remylien Corbe-Songco

Position: Nurse III

Contact No: 0917-895-8003

Name: Dr. Mayjulet Ramos

Position: Dentist

Contact No: 0916-841-2345

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                RA 10230 Section 2. General Mandate – The University shall primarily provide advanced education, higher technological, professional and vocational instruction and training in the fields of arts and sciences, education, agriculture, industrial technology and engineering, information technology, business management and accountancy, tourism and hospitality management, health services, criminology, non-traditional courses and other relevant fields of study. it shall also undertake research, extension services and production activities in support of the development of the Province of Quirino and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.  READ MORE