Guidelines and System of Ranking of Delivery Units and Individuals

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Quirino State University

Guidelines and System of Ranking of Delivery Units  


Mechanics/Guidelines in the ranking of Delivery Units (DU):

  1. The Delivery Units of the University shall be the following:
    1. General Administration and Support Services (GASS) Physical Plant and Machinery and Auxiliary Services;
    2. Support to Operation (STO);
    3. Higher Education Services (HES);
    4. Advance Education Services (AES);
    5. Research Services (RS);
    6. Extension Services (ES).
  2. Delivery units shall be ranked according to the percentage of attainment of their respective targets in the GAA and to the targets as agreed upon in consonance with the PBB Guidelines for FY 2016.
  3. Force Ranking shall be pursuant to the Guidelines provided for in Memorandum Circular No. 2016-1 and No. 2016-2, dated May 12, 2016 and October 12, 2016 issued by the Chairman of AO 25 Inter-Agency task Force, and to wit:

Ranking                                  Performance Category

Top 10%                                   Best Delivery Unit

Next 25%                                 Better Delivery Unit

Next 65%                                 Good Delivery Unit

4. Rates of the 2016 PBB

Performance Category PBB as% of Monthly Basic Salary*
Best Delivery Units (10%) 65%
Better Delivery Unit (25%)  
Good Delivery Units (65%) 50%

* But should not be lower than  P5,000.00

Not Entitled

  • Employee on vacation or sick leave, with or without pay, for the entire year.
  • Personnel guilty of admin and/or criminal cases and meted penalty in FY 2016. If the penalty is only a reprimand, such penalty shall not cause disqualification
  • Officials and employees who failed to submit the 2015 SALN;
  • Officials and employees who failed to liquidate Cash Advances  received  in FY 2016 within the reglementary period;
  • Officials and employees who failed to update and submit their PDS;
  • Officials and employees who failed to submit their required grade sheets two weeks after the examination period. 

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