Vision and Mission

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                The leading center for academic and technological excellence and prime catalyst for a progressive and sustainable Quirino Province and Southern Cagayan Valley


         Develop competent and morally upright professionals and generate appropriate knowledge and technologies to meet the needs of Quirino and Southern Cagayan Valley


  1. Perform the mandated functions of the university through a effective and efficient management system
  2. Provide innovative and quality academic programs and produce competent, productive and committed professionals
  3. Generate relevant knowledge and responsive technologies through quality researches
  4. Develop and implement techno-transfer programs/modalities through effective and efficient training and extension services
  5. Generate adequate resources to support and enhance institutional development



WE, the officials and employees of Quirino State University pledge and commit to:

Quickly and willingly render excellent, ethical and professional service at all times.

Seriously pursue academic excellence to produce globally competitive graduates.

Unitedly promote a working environment of morally upright government servants.