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Administrative Council

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Administrative Council
Quirino State University

President, Chairman

Angelina D. Ambonon, DPA
Chief Administrative Officer
VP for Administration


Elizabeth T. Carig, PhD
Professor I
VP for Academics and Research
Director for Research and Development

Romiro G. Bautista, PhD
Professor I
Director for Instruction
International Relation Officer

Fredisminda M. Dolojan, PhD
Professor V
Director for Extension & Training

Ernesto I. Cailin, MS
Associate Professor II
Director for Production

Divina Gracia S. Sabio, PhD
Instructor II
Director, Office of Student Affairs & Services

Engr. Richard P. Pablo
Instructor I
OIC - Director for Physical Plant and Site Development

Cherry P. Collado, DBM, CPA
Budget Officer III
Drirector for Finance

Florigold V. Saldaen, PhD
Assistant Professor III
Director for Quality Assurance
MIS Chief

Eleanor G. Garingan, PhD
Assistant Professor I
NSTP Director

Ronie G. Guillermo, MAT
Associate Professor IV
Direnctor for Quality Assurance
for Program Accreditation

Rosalyn L. Delizo, PhD
Associate Professor V
Dean, Graduate School
Chairperson, BEED/BECED Programs


Ma. Theresa B. Valerio, PhD
Associate Professor V
Dean, College of Teacher Education

 Agaton P. Pattalitan, Jr., PhD
Professor II
Chairperson, BSE/BTLED Programs

Ray John M. Ramos, MSIT
Instructor I
Chairperson, BSIT Program

Lorelie B. Marquez, MBA
Instructor III
Chairperson, BSOA Program

Engr. Israel M. Eraña, MSAE
Instructor III
Chairperson, BSABE Program

For. Edgar V. Benabise, PhD
Associate Professor V
Chairperson,  BSF Program

Mina Joy B. Wigan, PhD
Instructor I 
Chairperson, BSA Program

Gerome B. Taguiam, RND 
Instructor I
Chairperson, BSND Program

Jonathan N. Tariga, MSHM
Assistant Professor II
Chairperson, BSHM Program

Maricel B. Barroga, MSHM
Instructor I
Chairperson, BSTM Program

Romeo B. Nanglihan, Jr., RCrim
Instructor I
Chairperson, BSC Program

Mydee O. Gervacio, MA, MBA
Assistant Professor I
Chairperson Allied Health Program

Ysmael R. Draman, PhD
Instructor I
Principal, Laboratory High School

Supply Officer III

Leila M. Sabbaluca, CPA, MBM

Padma R. Bunao, MM-PM
Registrar III

Jovita A. Reyes, MAED
HRMO Designate

Ma. Elena D. Dupa, MAED
Board Secretary V


Duties and Functions of the Administrative Council:

Pursuant to RA-10230 Section 12.

           There shall be an Administrative Council consisting of the President of the University as Chairperson, Vice Presidents, Deans, directors and other officials of equal rank as members, whose duty is to review and recommend to the Board  the policies governing the Administration, management and Development planning of the University.

Duties and Functions of the Academic Council:

Pursuant to RA-10230 Section 13.

          There shall be an Academic Council to be composed of the President of the university, who shall act as Chairperson, and shall academic staff with the rank of at least an assistant professor, as members.

          The Academic Council shall have power to review and recommend the curricular offerings and rules of discipline of the university, subject to the approval of the Board. It shall fix the requirements for the admission of students as well as for their graduation and conferment of degrees, subject to review ands approval by the Board through the President of the University.  It shall have the disciplinary power over students of the University and shall formulate academic polices and rules and regulations on discipline, subject to the approval of the Board.

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                RA 10230 Section 2. General Mandate – The University shall primarily provide advanced education, higher technological, professional and vocational instruction and training in the fields of arts and sciences, education, agriculture, industrial technology and engineering, information technology, business management and accountancy, tourism and hospitality management, health services, criminology, non-traditional courses and other relevant fields of study. it shall also undertake research, extension services and production activities in support of the development of the Province of Quirino and provide progressive leadership in its areas of specialization.  READ MORE